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I'm Sherry

 Designer & Creator of Viola & June

The Name

Viola and June comes from my grandmothers Blanche Viola & Betty June. Both as young women before either of my parents came along, ironically worked at the same sewing factory. As a kid I spent time doing crafts with Nanny Blanche and hours at Nanny Betty's sitting and creating whatever I could dream up (and yes I called my grandmothers Nanny!). Each of them share in encouraging my creativity along with my parents who always encouraged me to do what makes me happy. 

Design is Everywhere

Design surrounds us daily. Look around you and there is a designer behind everything we use. Some colorful and pretty and others very functional. Design is everywhere. What would this world be like without artists? Designers contribute to the world in a special way. Let me be a part of your world adding a little touch of color or creativity to your home.

Passion for Creating

I can't remember a time when I was ever not designing or creating something. It's a part of who I am. Viola & June is not just a pillow or a print; it's a designer's heart & soul and love of color, creating prints and bringing visual happiness to life.  After spending years designing inside a box in the corporate world; this is me bringing you what I want in my home. Unique home textiles and artwork you won't find anywhere else. Designed with passion. Made with love. 

Support Artists

Why shop Viola & June? You'll be supporting more than an artist. You'll be supporting those who contribute to the visual world around us. You'll be purchasing a beautiful quality item printed and made in North Carolina. Our items make take a little extra time as they are made to order but isn't something special worth waiting for? You can also feel good about a purchase that is creating less waste, supporting small business and made locally. 

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